Learning The Path to Awakening

I grew up in an environment of stress, negativity and beliefs that did not serve me and my family. We had many negative experiences that were painful due to us not having control in our choices and thinking, because we all grew up learning a series of ideas and beliefs that were accustomed to usContinue reading “Learning The Path to Awakening”

Thoughts on A Course In Miracles

A few years ago, I was reading my Bible learning about Jesus and his amazing beautiful teachings, until this day I am still learning and trying my best to learn from Him. One book that has been recommended by many great minds in Christianity was A Course In Miracles because it references the Bible, theContinue reading “Thoughts on A Course In Miracles”

Benefits of Meditation

I have heard many excuses in my life from family and people in general about why they cannot meditate, they have a list of what to say when you invite them to meditate or find mindfulness. When I was younger I discovered meditation through experiencing hard times of my life, meditation was found thanks toContinue reading “Benefits of Meditation”


As the fletcher whittlesAnd makes straight his arrows,So the master directsHis straying thoughts. Like a fish out of water,Stranded on the shore,Thoughts thrash and quiver.For how can they shake off desire? They tremble, they are unsteady,They wander at their will.It is good to control them,And to master them brings happiness. But how subtle they are,HowContinue reading “Mind”


We are what we think.All that we are arises with our thoughts.With our thoughts we make the world.Speak or act with an impure mindAnd trouble will follow youAs the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart. We are what we think.All that we are arises with our thoughts.With our thoughts we are the world.SpeakContinue reading “Choices”

The Master

At the end of the wayThe master finds freedomFrom desire and sorrowFreedom without bounds. Those who awakenNever rest in one place.Like swans, they riseAnd leave the lake. On the air they riseAnd fly an invisible course,Gathering nothing, storing nothing.Their food is knowledge.They live upon emptiness.They have seen how to break free. Who can follow them?OnlyContinue reading “The Master”

Finding Prayer During Activities

Sometimes we get caught up with what is happening in our reality, our senses become over-stimulated, we get very excited or very sad, we become reactors to what happens to us instead of being in control of our mind. Some allow others to dictate their reality using social media, shows, ads, the news, phones orContinue reading “Finding Prayer During Activities”

The Power of Prayer

In the past you may have been disappointed that your prayers were not answered. But do not lose faith… God is not a mute unfeeling Being. He is love itself. If you know how to meditate and pray to Him, He will respond to your loving needs. To know exactly how and when to prayContinue reading “The Power of Prayer”

Strength in Times of Adversity

Everything that God has created is to try us, to bring out the best of us in our souls. That is the adventure of life, one of the divine purposes of life and everyone adventure is different, unique. You must be prepared to deal with all problems of health, mind and soul by commonsense methodsContinue reading “Strength in Times of Adversity”

The Correct Attitude Toward Past Wrongs

In our lives there are many moments when we choose to do wrong instead of choosing good, our decisions have influenced our world, the people, our jobs and goals. Some of those decisions have been mistakes, they also can be life lessons if you can learn from them. Here is the thing about past wrongs,Continue reading “The Correct Attitude Toward Past Wrongs”