Finding Prayer During Activities

Sometimes we get caught up with what is happening in our reality, our senses become over-stimulated, we get very excited or very sad, we become reactors to what happens to us instead of being in control of our mind. Some allow others to dictate their reality using social media, shows, ads, the news, phones or TV’s never allowing time for them to be in control of their thoughts, it is like a chain of over-thinking leading to anxiety and the feeling of emptiness and never accomplishing anything “fast”. While other people are formidable at controlling their experiences and desires. People who tend to be healthier with their time and in control of their mind tend to choose reading, yoga, meditation, prayer, sometimes just 15 minutes of pure silence, breathing exercises, exercises for the body, having a cup of tea in nature, starring at the stars or the moon at night, watching a tree move slowly or a flower. These people are the ones who have some sense of control with their experiences, some dominate this by being always in the now, aware of their live experiences, not allowing anything to distract them. The true master of his or her experience is the one who can be aware of his inner dialogue, control their thoughts and lead his life in a healthy way to have good loving experiences.

For me, 1 of the best things to connect me in a state of trance, a state of peace and relaxation, a state of calmness and a state of allowing is prayer. Prayer must be done during your day, prayer must be done in the mornings to bless your day, in the evening to relax the mind and put you in the right track, prayer at night to focus on what you love and to give thanks to God. One of the best quotes I read the other day by a philosopher in the biblical times was that if you are caught in boredom is because you are not praying. Prayer should never be consider boring, unworthy, not fun. Prayer was created by God for people to connect with him and express their feelings, emotions, desires, gratitude, wishes, problems and more. Prayer cannot be looked as an activity that you only need to do in times of trouble. I believe prayer must be done when things are going great, when things are difficult and during activities. There is wonderful stories about great people who are able to connect their minds with God during an activity, for example: painting, playing music, playing soccer, competing in other sports and writing books. I believe firmly these people have a divine connection because they allow their minds to seek God in their daily lives, not just in a mini-portion of their day but during the entire day. There is this amazing book called Pray and Eat, about people that come to the table praying together tend to have healthier marriages, healthier lives, healthier bodies, healthier thoughts… All of this is true. No need to be a scientist to understand that you also can seek prayer daily, you can control your inner dialogue, your crazy over-stimulated need to do things all the time and focus on God only.

The reward for your spirit is greater than any material thing, the spiritual gains are greater and will stay forever in your soul more than all the crazy thoughts and reactions you gain from the junk the media feeds people. Allow yourself today to be with God, allow Him to show you that prayer is greater. God will talk to you, but you must seek Him first. It might take 1 hour or 10 years for you to hear him, so never give up until you can feel the divine joy of God in your soul. Find prayer during activities and you will see the results are greater than just doing an activity with negative inner chatter or when you let your mind ponder to thoughts that don’t help you grow. The mind is a tool of the human, whoever is able to use that tool better will be more connected to their intuition and that person will be in control of his experiences. The mind is powerful but only a few can truly conquer it, be the one who can control their mind, see how your reality will be greatly influenced by prayer, awareness and canceling out things that don’t serve us. I am not saying to give up media forever, I am saying to give more time to God and be aware of your mind. Choose better decisions for your mind and body. Allow yourself to find healing and healthier outcomes.

Published by Alfredo A

Hi! I am Alfredo, I am 30 years old living near the mountains of Colorado. One of my passions is blogging, I created this blog to connect with others and learn new ideas. Take a look at my blog and let's connect!

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