Only Human

Millions of years have passed after the big bang happened in the universe, creating new universes with worlds around, one of the most beautiful planets in the universe was created… Our planet Earth. In here we are fortunate to not experience acid rains like in Venus, we are not living in a world where water doesn’t exist, we aren’t living in a planet that is hundreds of degrees too hot or too cold. The reality is we were blessed to live in a planet that created a vast of brilliant oceans, jungles filled with powerful huge trees, colorful pretty flowers in all the landscapes that created seeds for more, surrounded by high snowy mountains, sunny sweet beaches and more. Planet Earth is marvelous filled with stunning views and nature works just perfect without having to be managed.

As humans, we are extremely lucky to live in a place where life just happened to be perfect in the sense that if we had 1 extra atom or 1 extra proton or if we were just a bit closer to the sun or even if we didn’t have the moon, we would not be here alive today, that’s crazy I know! The fortune and blessing of being human is real! Then life happened and humans were born, many religions explained how God made us in His image, which I believe as well, since I just don’t think life is too random or stupid to suddenly make perfect DNA molecules of life here and allow humans to grow from nothing, I believe we have something else besides being the same elements of the planets, it could be our soul, the breath of God, and that is something that science hasn’t been able to explain without theory. This brings me to the point of what being human is…

Being human is suffering in times of chaos, experiencing love for others and sometimes for things. Being human is the ability to feel faith for God and the future, the ability to feel passion for things you love and do. Being human is experiencing your coffee with a million thoughts, but yet enjoying the flavor and taste of each sip you take. Being human is more than life, is experiencing millions of ideas, thoughts, beliefs and still managing to survive a life filled with chaos, randomness, cleverness, and beauty. Being human is trying, failing, succeeding, playing a role in this world as a participatory entity in this world. Being human means standing for yourself, fighting, crying, loving, being frustrated, hated, loved, but still trying to be the best version of yourself. Being human is the fortune to share with others, to give, to receive, to teach and be taught, to feel taste and pain, to remember memories and be able to create new ones. Being human brings joy to many humans because you are a special soul in the universe who has qualities and values that others don’t possess, you are an unique soul made to be alive, to love, to be and to achieve all you dream. You are the light in this darkness, the uniqueness that you bring to this world is like no other, no other human possess it, you are special, you are loved and you are human. Human you are, yes you… you are the beautiful definition of what being human is. You have greatness in you to express yourself creatively, lovingly, romantically a beautifully to this world. Thank you for being human, thank yourself for being who you are, because deep in my heart I thank you that you make this life interesting and special. Never stop being you!

Published by Alfredo A

Hi! I am Alfredo, I am 30 years old living near the mountains of Colorado. One of my passions is blogging, I created this blog to connect with others and learn new ideas. Take a look at my blog and let's connect!

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