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We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. – MLKjr

Another great biography that I enjoyed fully was the biography of Martin Luther King Jr. He takes you in a journey of discomfort, chaos, anger, dealing with injustice and people who only think a certain way in a world that needed change. Martin Luther King is a divine man who poured all his energy, sweat and blood for his community, for his friends and family, he invested himself daily in the Bible to learn the love of Jesus allowing him to use the Word of the Bible to change millions of lives. He had a tremendous will power that created huge change while using clever new ways to fight with love instead of violence, that was one of his tools. He encouraged his people to use new ways that nobody used before to deal with adversity, his faith was magisterial, it moved mountains and cities. His faith was the main force that brought justice and a good change for all the people.

Reading his biography showed me through his writings that his pain was the trigger to become such a great leader, if you read it you can see in his own words how he describes the situations that happened to him, for example the time his house was bombarded or the time he was locked in jail… these experiences were devastating, but he knew those were the trials of life and the lessons God sent him to grow as a powerful Christ-like person in a world that was in desperation for change and social justice. His love for the Lord was unshakable, prayer was his way to talk to God about anything, he also learned to fortify his faith and love from Gandhi and many great Pastors around the US.

What amazed me the most was his love for Christ and the Bible, he explains in the biography how those were the most 2 powerful forces in his life, the third one was his strong supportive wife who was with him in the good and bad. She dealed with the consequences of his actions and with the people who wanted to take down Martin Luther King Jr while purring down her support and love for him and her family. We know that in every successful man there must be a powerful woman supporting him, her name was Coretta Scott King, the woman of his dreams and mother of his children.

I feel this book can guide people to be better in society, his biography has many lessons to develop leadership, faith, strength, and courage. The most important lesson is to not fight with violence, but to choose love in a world were most have been taught to fight and destroy for change. True change comes from new ways of dealing with adversity and chaos, true change comes from great leaders who are able to empower others with their visions of faith and love. The change starts with you and how you deal with situations, do you use love or violence? For more knowledge and wisdom, read his beautiful biography, the lessons are there for you as the voice of a good man who once was the rock of many and his dream change the world forever leaving a legacy and example to humanity.

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