Dealing with Disappointment

I am sure most of us have been let down by someone or disappointed by someone’s actions towards us, how do we deal with disappointment? Some of us try our best to please someone, to love someone, to always do what it takes to make them happy and make them feel loved, we go an extra mile for someone that is important for us, we try to change the world for them and suddenly BOOM! They hurt you with a lie or they did something that hurt your feelings and leaves you empty saying to yourself… why did I even bother to do this or that for this person? You get a feeling in your heart of disappointment, regret, anger, sadness and you just don’t even want to try to be good to them again because of how they treated you.

Why some people have the courage to hurt us and lie to us when we are in our best version for them? Unfairness at is best. It would be better that our actions would never be taken for granted, that our loved ones and friends can be truly honest with us, that they understand our feelings of anger and sadness are not toxic, they are just temporary emotions of feeling disappointed and feeling down.

Some even label anger as a terrible thing, but is it truly a terrible thing? Not really, I feel that anger is normal in every human being, most people feel experience anger, that is just a normal thing about being a person. Animals experience anger, so why humans must be perfect and never be angry? Anger can be a way of saying, I need help, I need you to treat me better and not lie to me. I need you to step up and be a good person. That what anger truly means. Anger and disappointment go together, they are emotions that we feel after we get hurt by someone or something.

How do we deal with disappointment? the key is to forgive, to let go of what happened and try again. It is just you and your heart, let forgiveness come to you and heal you with time. Allow healing to enter slowly in your soul and wash away your anger and your sad feelings, you don’t have to trust the person or believe in them again, but you can forgive and send them good luck so they can pray for themselves and learn to be better human beings. Allow yourself to get out from that bubble of rage and sadness by writing and expressing your feelings and telling God that all is well, you were taken by granted and you did your best for someone, but if that someone doesn’t acknowledge your actions is truly not your fault. Know that the universe has your back and God is acknowledging your efforts, let the trials of life make you stronger and more prepared to deal with adversity and moments of difficulty. At the end you don’t have much to lose, every pain and tear is a lesson for you to take and make the best of it.

Just remember: Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.

Published by Alfredo A

Hi! I am Alfredo, I am 30 years old living near the mountains of Colorado. One of my passions is blogging, I created this blog to connect with others and learn new ideas. Take a look at my blog and let's connect!

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