Growing Faith

Each day is a new opportunity to grow your faith more and more, no matter where you are or what you believe, your faith is what keeps you trying and persevering to keep going with your trials of life. I think of faith as a powerful belief in our minds that allows the ability to trust God and ourselves no matter what the circumstances are. Faith is like oxygen, we do not see it or feel it, but we need it daily to live. Faith is a powerful force of love that lives in your heart and soul, it allows you to try and try no matter how many times you have failed before. Faith is the powerful belief that something good is here for you. Faith is knowing that you can do it! Faith is a gift from God to never give up in your dreams and goals! Faith is believing in you, in God and in your actions.

Looking back to my life, I see that God has tested me faith in serious creative ways, He has sent me circumstances that I thought “Oh boy there is no way out of this”. In that moment is when you have to make a conscious decision of believing in yourself, believing in something bigger than your own solutions to your problems and that my friends is Faith. God works in mysterious beautiful ways, your job is to say “I trust you and I believe in you”. Then allow time to show you that you are being guided, your faith is the fuel that you need to find new unimagined ways, new opportunities, new solutions and new prayers.

Published by Alfredo A

Hi! I am Alfredo, I am 30 years old living near the mountains of Colorado. One of my passions is blogging, I created this blog to connect with others and learn new ideas. Take a look at my blog and let's connect!

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