Leadership in the World

We all have the luck to be surrounded by great people with amazing ideas that are innovative, inspiring and exciting, but what makes them to be a great leader?

Leadership is gained through years of experience, failures and successes. To be a great leader you must be a role model not just a manager, being a good role model means you have worked enough in yourself to be a good person that is able to connect with others and help them reach their maximum potential with your guidance, friendship, faith and knowledge. Leadership is required in organizations, family, friendships and almost everything you do around other people. Leadership is about taking action in moments of crisis, leading the way with creative ideas and solutions, most importantly is to have people trust you with what actions to take and connect with them in a positive way.

Now that we are living in a technological era we get to see many leaders around the world in Instagram, YouTube or TV, which allows them to create a connection with others, but what if people are following the wrong leader? what if some leaders become angry, crazy and manage to do bad decisions? here is a crazier question, why people have used violence against the best leaders of our times? Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, John Lennon and most importantly Jesus who was the greatest force in planet Earth. There great leaders share many characteristics in common: Creativity, Radical Thinking, Innovativeness, Positivity to bring peace and love to the world, they all have done their best but it seems that God prefers them with Him than in a sinful world.

The truth is we have a choice to allow them to influence our lives or to stop their influence in our lives. I feel that 2021 needs new leaders that can lead humanity for better, people that are kind, positive, teachers and friends. We had enough bad leaders in the past that I am sure many are now doing their best to be a good person, and a good person can become a great leader. This time is for you to think if you are leading and being a positive influence around others to make the right choices and decisions, you start by influencing 1 by 1 until your presence and spirit is a spirit of good leadership and a positive role model. It is our time to define what a true leader is and to strive ourselves to be a good example. Humanity has a choice, to choose love or to choose the normal. We all have the power to make conscious choices and allow the influences of good leaders in our days, in our life.

What are in your opinion the most important qualities of a leader?

Published by Alfredo A

Hi! I am Alfredo, I am 30 years old living near the mountains of Colorado. One of my passions is blogging, I created this blog to connect with others and learn new ideas. Take a look at my blog and let's connect!

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