Allowing God to Love You

In times like these, sometimes we tend to forget about the beautiful love of God. We forget because we face trials of life or situations that distract us about the most important things in our life. Our phones, our media, our work and needs to do get things done in life make us focus in other things and we get distracted without giving a clear moment to God. God reaches out to me in the moments of silence and prayer, this is an opportunity to align with His love. To me one of the most important things to do in life is prayer, prayer was created to allow God to hear our voice, to connect with His love and joy. Prayer is a special technology that opens doors, heals others, creates new blessings of light to endure any trials in life. Today the focus is to pray to God in gratitude, feeling His spirit to be in our body and telling Him that we allow Him to love us, to forgive us for our mistakes and to express thankfulness for the tomorrows of life.

What are you thankful today? Give thanks to God and be in silence for 10-15 minutes.

Published by Alfredo A

Hi! I am Alfredo, I am 30 years old living near the mountains of Colorado. One of my passions is blogging, I created this blog to connect with others and learn new ideas. Take a look at my blog and let's connect!

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