The Voice Within

“There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”

Learning The Path to Awakening

I grew up in an environment of stress, negativity and beliefs that did not serve me and my family. We had many negative experiences that were painful due to us not having control in our choices and thinking, because we all grew up learning a series of ideas and beliefs that were accustomed to us in the environment where we lived. We grew up as reactors, not positive influences, so we didn’t have open-mindedness, anything new wouldContinue reading “Learning The Path to Awakening”

Thoughts on A Course In Miracles

A few years ago, I was reading my Bible learning about Jesus and his amazing beautiful teachings, until this day I am still learning and trying my best to learn from Him. One book that has been recommended by many great minds in Christianity was A Course In Miracles because it references the Bible, the words of Jesus, the holy spirit, the Father and more.This is a tremendous book with about 1200 pages, half of the bookContinue reading “Thoughts on A Course In Miracles”


As the fletcher whittlesAnd makes straight his arrows,So the master directsHis straying thoughts. Like a fish out of water,Stranded on the shore,Thoughts thrash and quiver.For how can they shake off desire? They tremble, they are unsteady,They wander at their will.It is good to control them,And to master them brings happiness. But how subtle they are,How elusive!The tasks is to quieten themNever to think faster,And by ruling them to find happiness. With single-mindednessThe master quells his thoughts.He endsContinue reading “Mind”


We are what we think.All that we are arises with our thoughts.With our thoughts we make the world.Speak or act with an impure mindAnd trouble will follow youAs the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart. We are what we think.All that we are arises with our thoughts.With our thoughts we are the world.Speak or act with a pure mindAnd happiness will follow youAs your shadow, unshakable. “Look how he destroyed me and hurt me,How heContinue reading “Choices”

The Master

At the end of the wayThe master finds freedomFrom desire and sorrowFreedom without bounds. Those who awakenNever rest in one place.Like swans, they riseAnd leave the lake. On the air they riseAnd fly an invisible course,Gathering nothing, storing nothing.Their food is knowledge.They live upon emptiness.They have seen how to break free. Who can follow them?Only the master,Such is his purity. Like a birdHe rises on the limitless airAnd flies an invisible course.He wishes for nothing.His food isContinue reading “The Master”

Finding Prayer During Activities

Sometimes we get caught up with what is happening in our reality, our senses become over-stimulated, we get very excited or very sad, we become reactors to what happens to us instead of being in control of our mind. Some allow others to dictate their reality using social media, shows, ads, the news, phones or TV’s never allowing time for them to be in control of their thoughts, it is like a chain of over-thinking leading toContinue reading “Finding Prayer During Activities”

The Power of Prayer

In the past you may have been disappointed that your prayers were not answered. But do not lose faith… God is not a mute unfeeling Being. He is love itself. If you know how to meditate and pray to Him, He will respond to your loving needs. To know exactly how and when to pray according to our nature of our needs, is what brings results in your life. When the right method is applied, it setsContinue reading “The Power of Prayer”

Strength in Times of Adversity

Everything that God has created is to try us, to bring out the best of us in our souls. That is the adventure of life, one of the divine purposes of life and everyone adventure is different, unique. You must be prepared to deal with all problems of health, mind and soul by commonsense methods and faith in God, knowing that in life or death your soul remains the same, a soul that belongs to God. NeverContinue reading “Strength in Times of Adversity”

The Correct Attitude Toward Past Wrongs

In our lives there are many moments when we choose to do wrong instead of choosing good, our decisions have influenced our world, the people, our jobs and goals. Some of those decisions have been mistakes, they also can be life lessons if you can learn from them. Here is the thing about past wrongs, first you can’t be dwelling on all of the wrong things you have done because they do not belong to you, theyContinue reading “The Correct Attitude Toward Past Wrongs”


If you have given up hope of ever being happy, cheer up! Never lose hope. Your soul, being a reflection of the ever joyous spirit is in essence happiness itself. If it is happiness that you want, have it! There is nothing that can stop you from feeling it. Happiness depends to some extend upon external conditions, it depends also in mental attitudes and habits of thinking. According to the great books of psychology and spirituality, theContinue reading “Happiness”

Dealing With Inharmonious Relationships

The basic law of right human behavior is self-reform… Whenever any trouble occurs with our friends and dear ones, we must look inwardly. Lay the blame on ourselves for getting into a unpleasant situation and then try to get out of it as fast and graciously as you can. It is fruitless to increase the trouble loudly, unkindly, discourteously blaming others, even though we find them to blame. We can teach quick-tempered dear ones to mend theirContinue reading “Dealing With Inharmonious Relationships”

The Law of Faith

There are laws in these universe that we experience in a daily basis, for example the law of energy that explains everything in this universe is energy or the law of gravity or the law of giving and receiving. There is a beautiful book that talks more in depth about the laws of the universe called The Light Shall Set You Free. This book brings knowledge and ancient wisdom to the reader to understand the laws thatContinue reading “The Law of Faith”

Only Human

Millions of years have passed after the big bang happened in the universe, creating new universes with worlds around, one of the most beautiful planets in the universe was created… Our planet Earth. In here we are fortunate to not experience acid rains like in Venus, we are not living in a world where water doesn’t exist, we aren’t living in a planet that is hundreds of degrees too hot or too cold. The reality is weContinue reading “Only Human”

A letter to Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Martin Luther King Jr, My name is Alfredo, I am writing you this letter to tell you how grateful I am for you helping society to take a big step towards social justice and love for humanity. It has been a rocky way for everyone, but not as hard as you showed us in your story, your passion for life and the letters you left in your books. I know you dealt with difficult stubborn peopleContinue reading “A letter to Martin Luther King Jr.”

Biography Series

Another great biography that I enjoyed fully was the biography of Martin Luther King Jr. He takes you in a journey of discomfort, chaos, anger, dealing with injustice and people who only think a certain way in a world that needed change. Martin Luther King is a divine man who poured all his energy, sweat and blood for his community, for his friends and family, he invested himself daily in the Bible to learn the love ofContinue reading “Biography Series”

Biography Series

You know what makes life good and interesting? It is the ability to learn from other great people, some of those people already served their time in Earth and left a legacy for others. My favorite thing is to learn about them through their own writing and their own perspective of how life unfolded for them. So in the upcoming weeks I will be writing my most favorite biographies in my biography series, the ones that changedContinue reading “Biography Series”

Dealing with Disappointment

I am sure most of us have been let down by someone or disappointed by someone’s actions towards us, how do we deal with disappointment? Some of us try our best to please someone, to love someone, to always do what it takes to make them happy and make them feel loved, we go an extra mile for someone that is important for us, we try to change the world for them and suddenly BOOM! They hurtContinue reading “Dealing with Disappointment”

Growing Faith

Each day is a new opportunity to grow your faith more and more, no matter where you are or what you believe, your faith is what keeps you trying and persevering to keep going with your trials of life. I think of faith as a powerful belief in our minds that allows the ability to trust God and ourselves no matter what the circumstances are. Faith is like oxygen, we do not see it or feel it,Continue reading “Growing Faith”

Leadership in the World

We all have the luck to be surrounded by great people with amazing ideas that are innovative, inspiring and exciting, but what makes them to be a great leader? Leadership is gained through years of experience, failures and successes. To be a great leader you must be a role model not just a manager, being a good role model means you have worked enough in yourself to be a good person that is able to connect withContinue reading “Leadership in the World”

Allowing God to Love You

In times like these, sometimes we tend to forget about the beautiful love of God. We forget because we face trials of life or situations that distract us about the most important things in our life. Our phones, our media, our work and needs to do get things done in life make us focus in other things and we get distracted without giving a clear moment to God. God reaches out to me in the moments ofContinue reading “Allowing God to Love You”

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